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Check out these classes at BYU Education Week:

"The Breathtaking Book of Abraham: How We Got It, Answers to Questions about It, and What We Can Learn from It", Kerry M. Muhlestein
(1:50-2:45pm TUE-FRI, Auditorium, Joseph Smith Building JSB)

"Joseph Smith’s Use of Hebrew in His Translation of the Book of Abraham", Matthew J. Grey
(9:50-10:45am MON, Varsity WSC, 393 CAP)

"Understanding the Translation of the Book of Abraham", Robin S. Jensen
(12:30-1:25pm WED, 377 Clyde Building CB)

"From Egypt to America: Following the Abraham Papyri", Kevin L. Tolley
(4:30-5:25pm FRI, Varsity, Wilkinson Student Center WSC)

"The Abrahamic Covenant: A Type for Latter-day Living", D. Mick Smith
(8:30–9:25pm TUE-FRI, 1102 Jesse Knight Building JKB)

Also, there is the Joseph Smith Papers Conference 2018 at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City.


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