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Education Week lectures having to do with the Book of Abraham:

The Abrahamic Covenant Path: How Understanding What the Abrahamic Covenant Is Can Guide You in Your Efforts to Pursue the Covenant Path
Wednesday–Friday, 11:10 AM–12:05 PM, Auditorium, Joseph Smith Building (JSB)

WED - The Abrahamic Covenant in the Old Testament

THU - The Abrahamic Covenant in the Book of Mormon

FRI - The Abrahamic Covenant in the New Testament and Today

Also a publication worth reading:
An Introduction to the Book of Abraham, by John Gee.

You may also be interested in this Pearl of Great Price resource:


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Magazine Article

The Book of Abraham, Revelation, and You

Although academic research can provide helpful information, revelation from God is the most trustworthy and valid source of knowledge. Link: December 2018 Ensign Article – By Kerry Muhlestein, Professor of Ancient Scripture, Brigham Young University

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