This website is for those who are honest seekers of truth and want to know more about the Book of Abraham. The Book of Abraham is a canonized book of scripture for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often mistakenly referred to as the “Mormon Church”), and its teachings and doctrines provide a great deal of edification and spiritual light for members of that Church. A great deal of confusion has arisen about the relationship of papyri Joseph Smith once owned and the text of the Book of Abraham. Most of this confusion stems from misunderstandings about this issue.

Well-meaning people unintentionally pass along these wrong ideas until there is far more false information than accurate disseminated in print and online. This website is dedicated to providing honest, open, and accurate information to those who want to really know. Its resources represent earnest attempts by those most familiar with the issues to address them in an open manner, dealing frankly with facts, methods, assumptions, and biases. In other forums, readers most often find information from people who are not Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who try to represent what Latter-day Saints think and believe. Frequently, the honest seeker of truth is forced to rely on those who are decidedly anti-Mormon to learn what Mormons believe. By its nature, this is an untrustworthy way of learning, even when these sources have fully altruistic motives. Here you can learn from informed, educated, and believing Mormons about the Book of Abraham.

Inside the Book of Abraham you will find beautiful teachings about God’s love and care for His children. You will come to understand covenants, especially the Abrahamic Covenant, better. You will see a moving and sweeping vista of God’s majesty and His desire to bring His children back to Him. The purpose of our time on earth and the nature of our life with our Father in Heaven before we came here are illuminated. While this site has materials that can serve as a guide, the journey is in the text of the Book of Abraham itself.